→ Heesosung RugToday's letters are recognized as a tool, a rule for generalized communication.
But the image is a symbolic tool and adds ambiguity that elicits an immediate response. So what exists between letters and images?
This project is based on the sensory experience based on letters, a tool of communication, and explores the individuality and specificity between letters and images.
Space : House musee
Photography : Bon-woong Gu
Materials: Rug
Format: 900 x 600 mm
Year: Mar 2020

→ PEACE Showcase 1 : Sticker
뭉치면 평화 혹은(OR) 흩어지면 죽는다.
Design for Peace of peace in group exhibition
Space and Direction : Peace or Peace
Materials: Sticker
Format: 85 x 50 mm
Year: Jan 2020

︎ Peace or Peace

→ <Heesosung> Variable font
It is named <HEESOSUNG>, or 'rare', and seeks a third dimension of the world.
There is nothing that can be defined or touched there. in an unintended form or sudden thought in everyday life. It got a motif and made it into a variable form of font. So to speak, through a series of processes, the flow of consciousness is being shown.
Self-initiated with Big help of Dinamo
Background image : @charkakcharkak
Materials: Font
Year: Oct 2019

Libra series : What the hell is wrong with me?Beginning with quotations, The poster is linked to the <Libra stabile>. So I moved the three-dimensional object back to flat. back to the flat.
Behind the title, the objects between the shapes and objects are balanced, and the agony of ambivalence is largely to balance the two opposing properties.
I tried to capture the effort.
Self-initiated for Libra series
Photograph :
Materials: Poster
Format: 594 x 841 mm
Print: RGB
Year: Sep 2019
For sale: on request

→ Libra series : stabile 
「But it is true that there was something stupid about her that sometimes embarrassed her. She often thought of poetry when she had to think of tapered cloth, and her gait was perhaps too large for a woman, and her rough movements, sometimes making the teacup close by. Whether this slight flaw was offset by the entire glorious frame of her body, or whether she inherited a drop less of the black tales in the blood of the British people, she was less than 20 times in society, so no one heard but the spartorial puppy Pippin, so I could certainly hear her say to herself, "Why the hell am I doing this?" It was Tuesday night, June 16, 1712. 그러나 그녀에게는 때때로 그녀를 난처하게 만드는 멍청한 데가 있었던 것이 사실이다. 그녀는 태피터 천을 생각하고 있어야 할 때에 시를 생각하는 일이 많았고, 그녀의 걸음걸이는 어쩌면 여자치고는 쫌 컸고, 동작도 거칠어서, 때로 찻잔을 아슬아슬하게 만들었다. 이와 같은 약간의 결점만으로 찬란한 그녀 몸가짐 전체가 상쇄되었는지, 아니면 그녀가 영국 사람들의 피속에 흐르고 있는 흑담들을 한 방울 덜 상속했든지 간에, 사교계에 스무 번도 채 나가지 않아, 그녀가 스패티얼 강아지 피핀 밖에 듣는 사람이 아무도 없는데서, “도대체 내가 왜 이러는 거지?”라고 혼잣말을 하는 것을 확실히 들을 수 있었다. 그것은 1712년 6월 16일 화요일의 밤이었다.」(익명, 2018)
Self-initiated for Libra series
Photograph :
Materials: Stabile, Stone, Aluminum, Wire, Pen, Styrofoam
Format: 210 x 75 x 350 mm
Year: Sep 2019 
For sale: on request

→ Design for ㅊa with The First Penguin
Direction: Jaeyoung Choi
Spatial: Seongsin Choi, Hwanmin Lee
Photograph: Giwoong Hong
Materials: Leaflet, Name tag, Signage
Format: 다중
Year: Jul 2019


→ Design for Edit with The First Penguin
Direction: Jaeyoung Choi
Space: Jingu Ha, Jiwon Lim, Hwanmin Lee
Photograph: Giwoong Hong
Materials: Book
Format: 170 x 240 mm
Year: Jul 2019


→ Peer : “Someone else’s [       ]”
Peer [자동사][V, usually + adv. / prep.]
(특히 잘 안 보여서) 유심히 보다[눈여겨보다/응시하다]
누군가의 눈, 누군가의 목소리, 누군가의 주름,
누군가의 체취, 누군가의 걸음걸이, 누군가의 책갈피,
누군가의 펜의 무게, 누군가의 사진 앨범,
누군가의 플레이리스트, 누군가의 낙서, 누군가의 주머니 속,
누군가의 서랍, 누군가의 습관, 누군가의 생각, 누군가의 표현,
누군가의 배려, 누군가의 그늘, 누군가의 온도, 누군가의 집,
누군가의 삶
Someone else’s Eyes, Voice, Wrinkles,
Body odor, Galt, Label, Bookmark,
Pen weight, Types of film, Music playlist,
Doodle, In the pocket, A drawer, Habit,
Thinking, Expression, Consideration, Shade,
Core, Temperature, Sight, House, Life
Self-initiated work
Materials: Book
Format: 173 x 247 mm
Year: Nov 2018

→ TEUM : Light through the cracks
Photographer: @charkakcharkak
Art direction: in collaboration with Se-won Choi
Materials: Book
Format: 120 x 120 mm
Publisher: (currently unpublished)
Year: 2018 and 2019